Best British Short Films Selected by the Film Distributer Candella UK

Candella UK distributes packages of short films at over 300 European and worldwide festivals, with the specific aim of promoting UK filmmaking beyond our shores. Candella-promoted shorts have won major prizes at European festivals in recent years. This was their website for those wishing to submit their own films . It was also a vehicle for promoting the films they selected.
The content is from the site's 2011 archived pages.

Our thanks to Sheila Watt who helped with the funding, archive restoration, and data gathering. The bulk of Candella's website has been preserved and is currently being used as part of NYU's film history program.

Submit your Film

Call for Submissions for inclusion in Best British Short Films 2011 for distribution to international short film festivals and competitions.
1. All entries are subject to the Terms & Conditions ("T&Cs").
2. All films selected for our 2011 portfolio must be eligible to be represented by our sales agent and the owner of the rights for submitted films is required to enter into an exclusive sales agency agreement with our sales agent - FREAK. Please refer to the “Sales Agent agreement section” set out at clause 7 of the T&Cs.
3. If your film is selected you are required to send the additional requested materials within seven (7) days to our office in Manchester. Please refer to clause 6 of the T&Cs.
4. A DVD copy of the film must be enclosed with the application form
5. There is an administration submission fee of £20 for each film submitted. Payment of the fee can be made by BACS to:
Account Name: Candella Films Ltd
Account Number: 02238985
Sort Code: 40-31-24
6. you must include the film name as part of your reference.
All submission materials (DVDs, posters, press kits, application forms, fee etc.) should be sent to:
Candella UK 2011
Mariela Artiles
Tribulete 7 – 3 Izda
28012 Madrid


Ahead of its time - comment by Kilroy Ja: As a filmmaker who created "Pickleball," a short film about the quest to find the perfect pickleball gift for an aging parent obsessed with the sport, I must admit my disappointment that it didn't make the selection for the Best British Short Films 2011. I believed the unique blend of humor, sentimentality, and the exploration of family dynamics set against the backdrop of pickleball would resonate with audiences and the selection committee. While it's disheartening to not see it featured, I remain proud of the work and hope it finds its audience in other venues. The central challenge in the film is the protagonist's struggle to find pickleball-themed products, highlighting the niche nature of the sport at the time. This aspect underscores the limited availability of specialized merchandise, reflecting the sport's relatively obscure status in mainstream culture. The film cleverly uses this difficulty to drive its narrative, creating a relatable and engaging story about the lengths one goes to procure the perfect gift for a loved one, especially when the options are scarce. This plot point not only adds to the film's charm but also subtly comments on the evolving market for sports-related products.



And the nominations are...

Now in its 3rd successful year, Candella UK invites you to submit your short films for consideration to the Best British Short Films 2011. Film festivals and buyers across the world are already anticipating this year's selection and we are proud to continue building on our previous successes.

This year's selection will benefit from:

  1. Special screenings at the following prestigious industry events:
  • NON- MULTIPLEX CINEMAS - London Shorts Shorts film festival
  • Asia International Short Film Festival
  • Berlin Internfilm -
  • Berlin World Wide short film festival
  • Toronto - Canada 2012
  • Raindance Film Festival - London
  1. 2 films from this year’s selection will be submitted to the Semaine De La Critique at Cannes
  2. Submission to +300 international film festivals for competition only. You are also free to make as many submissions to other festivals.
  3. Representation at Claremont-Ferrand Short Film festival 2012 - the world's biggest short film festival and market
  4. Representation for a 2 year period by an International Sales Agent
  5. Inclusion in Candella's high quality and widely respected promotional folder


Awards & Official Selections


Directed by Max Myers

Opportunities present themselves for the briefest of moments. If you miss them, they don't come back.


  1. Silver Award Manhattan Short Film Festival 2010
  2. Best Screenplay award Manhattan Short Film Festival 2010
  3. Best Actor Ian Hart, British Independent Film Festival 2011

Official Selections

  1. Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2011
  2. Short Shorts, Tokyo - Asian premiere 2011
  3. Manhattan Short Film Festival 2010



Written and Directed by Susanna Wallin

A mobile disco promising to give you the night of your life.

Official Selections

  1. Birds Eye View 2011
  2. 23rd International Short Film Festival, Filmfest Dresden, Germany - 2011
  3. Oberhausen Short Film Festival
  4. Curtas Vila do Conde
  5. Edinburgh International Film Festival
  6. Uppsala Short Film Festival
  7. Cork International Film Festival
  8. ARTE, France and Germany
  9. 20th Curtacinema 2010 Rio De Janeiro International Short Film Festival



Directed by Edward Dick

Drew begrudgingly agrees to donate sperm to his wife's broody sister, but gets a rude awakening when he realises they plan to use traditional insemination techniques.

Official Selections

  1. Birds Eye View 2011
  2. CFC Worldwide short Film Festival, Toronto, Canada 2011
  3. 23 Foyle Film Festival, Ireland 2010
  4. Brussels Short Film Festival 2010
  5. Manllew Short Film Festival, Barcelona 2010
  6. BIFF - Bermuda International Film Festival 2010
  7. Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010
  8. Interfilms, Berlin International Short film festival 2010



Written and Directed by Joe Tunmer

Jean notices a chip on a treasured vase. She accuses Maurice, her husband since whenever. He denies it. Jean attempts to get to the bottom of the situation.


  1. Metrópolis-Mecal Price 2011
  2. Best Short Films Manlleu Film Festival, Barcelona 2011
  3. Special Mention of the International Jury at Formentera film festival 2011

Official Selections

  1. Formentera Film - International festival of short films, documentaries and video art Formentera 2011
  2. Mecal 13º Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Barcelona 2011 Obliqua Competition
  4. Alcine 2010- Alcalá Short Films Festival, Madrid 2010
  5. 4th Abu Dhabi Film Festival, October, 2010



Directed by Paul Wright

16 Year Old Chloe is the only daughter of God. Travelling around with her parents, she spends her days roaming the secluded countryside searching for the mythical “Red River”. As Chloe’s story unfolds we realise the horrific truth of what brought them there.


  1. BAFTA Best Short Film 2011

Official Selections

  1. Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010
  2. Fresh Film Fest 2010
  3. Locarno International Film Festival 2010
  4. Leuven International Short Film Festival 2010
  5. Winterthur Short Film Festival 2010
  6. Bilbao International Film Festival 2010
  7. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010
  8. Dinard Film Festival 2010
  9. Mecal International Short Film Festival 2011
  10. Go Short International Short Film Festival 2011
  11. Mecal International Short Film Festival 2011
  12. London Short Film Festival 2011
  13. Huesca Internation Film Festival 2011
  14. Barichara Film Festival 2011



Directed by Colin Kennedy

I Love Luci is a comedy of missing teeth, unrequited love and one dog’s potential to shape the fortunes of a couple destined never to be together.


  1. Clermont-Ferrand - Prix des Mediatheques - Audience Award runner-up
  2. Glasgow SFF - Jury's Special Mention
  3. Fat Film Fest: - Best Film
  4. Bergen Youth Film Festival - Honourable Mention
  5. Rushes Soho Shorts - 2nd place runner-up
  6. Curtas Vila do Conde - Audience Award
  7. Interfilm Berlin - Best Fiction
  8. Almeria ISFF - Audience Award - Best Screenplay
  9. Prague Int'l Short Film Fest 2011 - Audience Award
  10. Brussels Film Festival 2011 - The Jury Award

Official Selections

  1. 23rd International Short Film Festival, Filmfest Dresden, Germany – 2011
  3. 13th Mecal International Short Film Festival Barcelona 2011 International competition
  4. IX Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Almería
  5. Interfilm – Berling international short film festival 2010
  6. Concorto Film Festival 2010
  7. Fat Film Fest 2010
  8. Rushes Soho Short Festival 2010
  9. Message to Man, Russia 2010
  10. 18th Curtas Vila Do Conde IFF
  11. 25th Cinema Jove International Film Festival, Valencia, Spain, 2010
  12. Cinema Corto in Bra, Italy 2010
  13. Art Film Fest, Slovak Republic 2010
  14. Arcipelago 2010
  15. Norwegian International Short Film Festival
  16. Jim Poole Award
  17. IndieLisboa 2010
  18. InterFilm Berlin 2010
  19. Glasgow Short Film Festival 2010
  20. Clermont-Ferrand International short Film Festival 2010
  21. The London Short Film Festival 2010



Directed by Simon Neal

Kyle is 11 and he has an embarrassing problem. His mum doesn’t help, in fact she makes things worse. When she writes a note to his teacher stating the unvarnished truth, he bunks off school and goes in search of his own solution. Unfortunately, it seems like everywhere he turns for help is a dead end. This is a kid who suffers from wetting the bed. Desperate to find a solution he makes a drastic move( shop lifting to get a diaper) that finally gets his Mum's attention. Washdays honest style means that Kyle's angst and embarrassment is keenly felt throughout but thankfully a cuddle goes a long way to making things better, in this award winning short.

My two daughters watched this film. They were both very empathetic towards Kyle. My younger daughter who is still in the phase of wearing a princess dress almost all the time and fancies herself to be a budding fairy, said if Kyle lived next door, she would take her fairy princess magic wand and create a spell that would stop the bed wetting instantly. And it that should fail, since spells sometimes don't turn out the way you expect them to, she would make sure that whatever became wet would instantly become dry. She then twirled on her princess slippers, pulled out her fairy wand and banished bed wetting throughout the world. Ahh, if only it were that simple. BTW, Washdays is a delightful short.


  1. Winner of Best Short Film – 10th Rushes Soho Shorts
  2. Special Jury Prize – 15th Austin Film Festival
  3. Silver Medal – The Smalls 2009 Nomination for Best short Film – 12th British Independent Film Awards

Official Selections

  1. 15th Palm Springs International ShortFest - World Premiere
  2. 10th Rushes Soho Shorts
  3. 13th Rhode Island International Film Festival
  4. 32nd International Lucas Film Festival Frankfurt
  5. 29th Cambridge Film Festival
  6. 20th New Orleans International Film Festival
  7. 15th Encounters International Film Festival
  8. 25th Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin
  9. 22nd Foyle International Film Festival
  10. 15th Austin International Film Festival
  11. 2009 Jeugdfilm Festival Antwerp
  12. 40th Tampere International Film Festival
  13. 4th NexT Internaional Film Festival
  14. 19th Aspen Shortsfest
  15. 13th Brussels Short Film Festival
  16. 7th Cortocircuito International Film Festival
  17. 13th Invent Una Film, Italy
  18. 37th official section of the Film Festival of Badalona Filmets 2011



Written and Directed by Daniel Elliott

Jade, caught in a dilemma of her own making, struggles to choose the right path. It becomes apparent to her, though, that she may have no choice at all.


  1. Nominated - BAFTA for Best Short Film
  2. British Academy of Film and Television Arts
  3. Winner - Silver Berlin Bear
  4. 59th Berlin International Film Festival
  5. Nominated - Golden Berlin Bear
  6. 59th Berlin International Film Festival
  7. Nominated - Best Cinematography / Short Film
  8. 2010 Fujifilm Short Film Competition
  9. Winner – 2nd Prize Best Short Film
  10. 10th Jenaer International Film Festival "cellu l’art"
  11. Winner - Best Actress - Aisling Loftus
  12. 7th TOFIFEST International Film Festival
  13. Winner - Best Cinematography - Lol Crawley
  14. 7th TOFIFEST International Film Festival
  15. Winner – Special Mention of the Jury
  16. XII Cambrils-Reus European Short Film Festival
  17. Nominated - Best Short Film
  18. 7th London Short Film Festival
  19. Nominated - Best European Short Film
  20. Go Shorts International Film Festival
  21. Special Mention of the Jury - Aisling Loftus
  22. Dallas International Film Festival
  23. Winner – Jury Prize
  24. 24th Odense International Film Festival
  25. Winner – Special Mention of the Jury
  26. In The Palace International Film Festival
  27. Winner - Best European Short Film
  28. 30th Villeurbanne International Film Festival
  29. Winner - Best Short Film
  30. 7th Imaginaria International Film Festival

Official Selections

  1. 59th Berlin International Film Festival
  2. Art Film Fest International Film Festival
  3. Dresden International Film Festival
  4. Krakow International Film Festival
  5. Hamburg International Short Film Festival
  6. Arcipelago 17th International Festival of Short Films
  7. 10th Jenaer Short Film Festival "cellu l’art"
  8. Edinburgh International Film Festival
  9. Message To Man International Film Festival
  10. TOFIFEST International Film Festival
  11. In The Palace International Short Film Festival
  12. InDPanda International Short Film Festival
  13. Encounters International Film Festival
  14. 15th Athens International Film Festival
  15. Con Can International Film Festival
  16. Cortopotere International Film Festival
  17. 15th Drama International Film Festival
  18. 20th Stockholm International Film Festival
  19. 5th Singapore International Film Festival
  20. Leeds International Film Festival
  21. London International Short Film Festival
  22. 11th Essonne International Film Festival
  23. Magma International Film Festival
  24. Marthas Vineyard International Film Festival
  25. Short & Sweet, London
  26. Expresión en Corto Film Festival
  27. Short Film Corner - Cannes
  28. Aguilar de Campoo International Film Festival
  29. Filmini International Short Film Festival
  30. Aye Aye International Film Festival
  31. Molise Cinema Film Festival
  32. 6th International Short Film Festival Detmold
  33. Odense International Film Festival
  34. Valladoid International Film Festival
  35. 53rd BFI London International Film Festival
  36. Porto7 International Film Festival
  37. Motovun International Film Festival
  38. Cancun Rivera Maya International Film Festival
  39. 33rd Weiterstadt Open Air International Film Festival
  40. 7 Shorts, Denmark
  41. 30th International Film Festival Manaki Brothers
  42. Bangkok International Film Festival
  43. 6th Eberswalde International Film Festival
  44. Winterthur International Film Festival
  45. 39th Alcine International Film Festival
  46. 16th Barcelona Independent Film Festival
  47. Janela International Film Festival
  48. 6th Anonimul International Film Festival
  49. Lucca International Film Festival
  50. Cologne International Film Festival
  51. 20th Ljubljana International Film Festival
  52. Alekino International Film Festivall
  53. Salford International Film Festival
  54. ALTER-NATIVE 17 International Film Festival
  55. Istanbul International Film Festival
  56. 54th Corona Cork Film Festival
  57. 5th Prague International Short Film Festival
  58. 22nd Exground International Film Festival
  59. SKENA UP Film Festival
  60. 7th Imaginaria International Film Festival
  61. Festival Du Film Court De Villeurbanne
  62. 25th International Short Film Festival Interfilm Berlin
  63. Almeria En Corto International Film Festival
  64. Vendôme International Film Festival
  65. 21 Festival de Cortometrajes
  66. 36th Wochenende International Film Festival
  67. IX Shortfilms Mostra of 3 Cantos-Madrid
  68. 15th Cine OClock British and Irish Film Festival
  69. 39th Rotterdam Film Festival
  70. European Short Film Festival
  71. FEC Cambrils-Reus Film Festival
  72. Go Short International Short Film
  73. Saguenay International Short Films Festival
  74. Echos of Art Film Festival 2010
  75. Salento Finibus Terrae Film Festival
  76. 12th Mecal International Short Film Festival
  77. Northern Lights Film Festival
  78. Glimmer International Film Festival
  79. Washington DC International Film Festival
  80. Dallas International Film Festival
  81. Montreal Underground Film Festival
  82. 9th Warsaw Short Film Festival
  83. Maremetraggio International Short Film Festival
  84. 10th Bunker International Film Festival
  85. 13th Lenola Film Festival



Written and Directed by Chris Roche

A young boy returns from holiday with his parents and passing through the airport he meets a stranger whom transforms his life forever.


  1. Best Film - Be Film Festival, New York.
  2. Best short, Troubled Gaze - Giffoni Festival Italy
  3. Best short, I've Seen Films Festival - Milano, Italy
  4. Best Film - Pentedattilo Film Festival, Italy
  5. Be Film Festival, New York - 1st Prize

Official Selections

  1. Palm Springs
  2. Rhode Island
  3. Uppsala Film Festival
  4. Foyle Film Festival
  5. Tokyo Short Shorts film festivals.
  6. San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival.
  7. Short Shorts Film Festival, Tokyo
  8. Bra Film Festival, Italy
  9. Giffoni Film Festival Italy



Written and Directed by Jon Gilbert

Toshi’s life is falling apart. Rejected by his colleagues, forgotten by his wife, everything seems to be going wrong. But sometimes help comes from the unlikeliest places…

Official Selections

  1. Palm Springs, June 2009 (Official Selection)
  2. Berlin Interfilm, November 2009
  3. Moscow 27plus1, December 2009
  4. Bradford International, March 2010 - Recipient: Highly Commended, 2010 Shine Short Film Award
  5. Hill Country (Texas), March 2010
  6. BeFilm Underground Festival (New York), April 2010
  7. selected for the ''I’ve Seen Films'' International Competition 2010.
  8. Selected for the 2011 Badalona Film Festival.



Writen and Directed by Emma Sullivan

Returning to the village of his estranged wife, James grows increasingly concerned when the sinister owner of the guest house refuses to let him leave. A psychological suspense with a surprising yet moving denouement.


  1. Cannes Film Festival, Official Competition - Nominated For A Palme D’or
  2. Edinburgh International Film Festival, - Winner Of Best British Short Film
  3. Curto Circuito, Santiago De Compostela - International Youth Jury Prize
  4. Grand Off, World Film Awards, Poland- October Nominated For Best Director
  5. Alcine, Madrid - Jury Special Mention
  6. Une Nuit Trop Courte, Grenoble 2010 Won Public Prize For Best Film.

Official Selections

  1. Brooklyn Film Festival - NEW YORK, USA
  2. CFC Toronto Worldwide Shorts Film Festival - CANADA
  3. Expresion en Corto International Film Festival, Mexico – MEXICO
  4. Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival – BRAZIL
  5. Tinklai Film Festival, Lithuania – LITHUANIA
  6. Athens International Film Festival - GREECE- September
  7. Calgary International Film Festival - CANADA- September/October
  8. Warsaw International Film Festival - POLAND- October
  9. Cinessonne, European Film Festival, France - FRANCE- October
  10. Ismaila Film Festival, Egypt - EGYPT- October
  11. Imagine Science, NYC, USA- October
  12. London Film Festival - UK- October
  13. St John's International Film Festival - CANADA- October
  14. Interfilm Berlin, GERMANY – November
  15. Rehoboth Festival - USA- November
  16. Stockholm International Film Festival - SWEDEN- November
  17. Bristol Brief Encounters - UK- November
  18. Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival- TAIWAN- November
  19. Almeria, SPAIN- December
  20. Festival on Wheels, TURKEY- December
  21. Flickerfest, Sydney, AUSTRALIA- January 2010
  22. Fajr Film Festival, Tehran, IRAN- February 2010
  23. Cortogenia, Madrid, SPAIN February 2010
  24. 34th Cleveland International Film Festival, Ohio March 2010
  25. Mecal, Barcelona SPAIN April 2010
  26. West Chester, Pennsylvania USA April 2010
  27. Reel Shorts Film Festival, Alberta, CANADA April 2010
  28. CinemaJove, Valencia, SPAIN June 2010
  29. Maremetaggio, Trieste, ITALY- June/July 2010




Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Submission to International Short Film Competitions at Film Festivals by:


1. Candella Films Limited (Company number: 05374810) whose registered office is at 142 Chapel Street, Salford, M3 6AF(hereafter referred to as "Candella") is running a project to distribute short films to short film competitions and festivals around the world. A selection committee established by Candella will select up to ten (10) films which will be compiled on a DVD and or compiled in a digital folder ("the Portfolio") and submitted to short film competitions/festivals in the UK and around the world ("Festivals") on a non-exclusive basis i.e. submitting your film to Candella does not stop you from submitting or screening your film at festivals independently of Candella however if your film is selected for the Portfolio, you will be required to enter into an all exclusive Sales Agency Agreement with Candella's Sales Agent – FREAK Short Film Agency (hereafter referred to as "Freak") see clauses 6 and 7 below. In consideration of the administration fee and Candella's review of the submitted film for possible inclusion on the Portfolio, the applicant, who must be the producer or director of the film and is hereafter referred to as ("you") grants the sole right to Candella to include such film in Candella's Portfolio for non- exclusive distribution to the Festivals. By submitting your short film to Candella together with any other materials including but not limited to those set out in clauses 3 and 6 below ("the Submission Materials"), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions .

2. Submissions must comply with the following requirements:

2.1 The maximum running time of the films is 30 minutes.

2.2 The film must have been completed after July 2010.

2.3 The screening copy of films that are not English spoken, are required to have an option to view with English subtitles.

2.4 Submissions must have been either fully or partly produced in the UK or be recognised as British under the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.

3. You are also required to submit with the DVD , the application form and submission fee of £20 payable by BACS as detailed on the Submission Form.

  1. Three high-resolution photos of stills from the film and one of the director.
  2. A photocopy of the passport of the director and the producer.
  3. Information and biographical material about the director and the film.

Please send all the above mentioned material to Candella Films at the address stated at the end of this form. Please mark the envelope as "non commercial value - for cultural purposes only". A letter acknowledging the receipt of the material will be sent via e-mail.

4. The Candella selection committee will comprise of representatives from Candella Films Limited and professionals from the cinematographic, artistic and cultural sectors, around the world. The selection committee will select the films for inclusion in the Portfolio at its sole discretion and the decisions of the selection committee will be unappealable and final.

5. The DVDs of the submitted films will NOT be returned. They will form part of the archives of Candella. For the avoidance of doubt the Candella will not forward copies of the film to any third party other than as set out in these terms and conditions.

6. If your film is selected for inclusion in the Portfolio you will be required within seven (7) days of notification to:

6.1 Provide a DVD copy of your film with English subtitles, even if your film is English spoken. Any other languages on the subtitles are welcome but not essential.

6.2 Provide a copy of the film in the following formats:

6.3 Provide any additional information and biographical material about the director and the film as requested by Candella.

6.4 Enter into an exclusive Sales Agency Agreement with Freak as detailed at clause 7.

Upon receipt of the items listed at 6.1 to 6.3 inclusive at the address notified to you by Candella and upon entering into the agreement referred to at clause 6.4 the selected films will be presented in the Portfolio with the information provided about the film and submitted to competitions at selected Festivals.

  • 6.2.1 Digital Betacam 16:9 without subtitles.

    6.2.2 Digital Betacam 16:9 with subtitles.

    6.2.3 Quicktime 16:9 1920 x 1080 (approximately 1GB) with an option to view English subtitles.

7. The main terms of the Sales Agency Agreement with Freak are as follows:

7.1 You will be required to appoint Freak as your exclusive sales agent throughout the world in respect of the film for a period of two (2) years ("the Term").

7.2 During the Term Freak will require you (inter alia) to grant Freak the following rights on an exclusive basis; the right to reproduce, distribute and communicate the film to the public and to exploit the intellectual property rights in the film including in respect of (i) Video on Demand, (ii) Pay Television ("TV") terrestrial, satellite, cable and other TV whether transmitted via digital or analogue, (iii) Broadcast TV (iv) Internet and global, (v) Content Distribution, (vi) Digital including via mobile and other communications, (vii) Theatrical exhibition (viii) Video and DVD, (ix) In-flight airlines and (x) public transport.

7.3 In consideration of the grant of rights set out at clause s 7.1 and 7.2 Freak will take a 35% share of each sale and pass on the remaining 65% (gross) to you.

7.4 Freak will also require information which evidences that you have cleared the rights to use (i) any music used in the film, (ii) all images that appear in the film and (iii) that you own the rights in the film or otherwise have obtained all relevant permissions.

8. Candella will inform the primary contact indicated on the submission form ("the Primary Contact") of the Festivals that it intends to submit the Portfolio to. Inclusion in the Portfolio does not guarantee that the film will be shown at any of the Festivals to which it is submitted, as the Festival selection committees are the final arbiters. In the event that your film is selected for screening at a Festival, the Primary Contact will be informed of this and of all known screening venues, dates, awards and the terms and conditions of entry of such Festival. Some or all of this information will also be announced by the festival in the official programme of the Festival. Candella anticipate that any new awards that Festivals may subsequently agree to hold further to submission of the film will be appropriately announced via festival communication channels (Web site, press releases etc.).

9. Where a film is selected to be screened at a Festival you must (if not already provided):

9.1 Provide a screening copy of the film:

9.2 Ensure that the exterior of the tin or box containing the screening copy contains the following information:

  • 9.1.1 in one of the following formats: 16 mm or 35 mm (silent or with incorporated optic sound) or Video Digital Beta PAL, as requested by the Festival;

    9.1.2 by the date indicated by the Festivals further to the selection.

    9.2.2 film title, director, running time, screen format, aspect ratio, type of sound; and

    9.2.3 the address to which the screening copy should be returned, unless you have arranged otherwise with Candella and with the festival that has selected the film.

10. Where your film is selected for showing at one or more Festivals, in the event that Candella agree to duplicate copies of your film to provide to such Festivals (to enable them to screen the film), you will if requested by Candella, allow Candella to insert the credit "Supported by Candella Films Limited " at the end of the film.

11. By submitting your film you authorise free reproduction of stills and clips, under three minutes of length, for all festival publications, press, TV, and Internet coverage. You also consent to the non exclusive right for Candella and the festivals to use both the director's and the producer's name, likeness, photograph, voice sound and biographical information in connection with any and all publicity and promotional materials at the Festivals and/or to promote Candella and your film.

12. Candella will endeavour to facilitate contacts between the Primary Contact and the Festivals which elect to show your film, by passing on the Primary Contact's contact details to such Festivals as a result of Candella's distribution and promotion.

13. Candella will submit the Portfolio to the Festivals, however where the film is selected for screening, you are liable for the shipping/postal and any other related costs of sending the film to the Festivals, where it is to be screened. Candella will endeavour to ensure that the charges for returning the film are covered by the Festival.

14. The Festival may at its discretion reimburse the reasonable hotel and meal costs of filmmakers whose films are selected for screening at such Festivals. The Festivals will be responsible for setting the budgets (if any) in respect of this and for deciding how many nights they will cover and any limits on such expenses.

15. Subject always to any prior arrangement that you may have with a third party funder and/or any third party, in the event that a jury of a Festival selects your film for an award, you are entitled to keep any sum of money given as part of such award, in accordance within the rules and regulations of the Festival providing such award.

16. Without prejudice to clause 17 below Candella will endeavour to ensure that film copies are insured by the Festivals for their print value and that all necessary precautions are undertaken in the films' handling and returns.

17. You acknowledge that Candella accept no liability whatsoever for non-receipt, damage or loss of the Submission Materials and that you cannot hold Candella liable for any non-receipt loss of or damage to the Submission Materials whilst on loan to the Festival. You agree to hold Candella harmless from and against all actions, claims, demands, liabilities, damages, costs, losses or expenses (including without limitation, consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties, legal and other professional costs and expenses) resulting from any such non-receipt loss or damage.

18. You warrant that:

18.1 you have the full right and authority to submit the Submission Materials for the purposes set out in these terms and conditions and that you are the owner of such work or have the written consent of the owner of such work;

18.2 the Submission Materials do not infringe any third party's rights and that you have obtained all applicable licences which are required from any third party funders/contributors or intellectual property right holders, including all licences in respect of any music contained within the film, in order to permit Candella to distribute the films to the Festivals in the manner set out in these terms and conditions;

18.3 to the extent that the Submission Materials are based on an existing published work, you further warrant that you are the owner of such work or have written consent from the author or owner of such published work to adapt such published work into a film;

18.4 in the event that Creative England, the British Council or the UK Films Council hold any rights in the Submission Materials you have obtained all relevant permissions enabling you to submit the works to Candella and enabling Candella to promote and distribute the film free of charge. You have provided Candella with details of the extent of the rights of Creative England,the British Council and/or the UK Films Council and you agree at the request of Candella Films Limited to obtain any additional documentation as reasonably required by Candella to enable Candella to verify this information.

19. You shall indemnify and hold harmless Candella Films Limited from any claim, threatened claim, loss, damage or expense (including legal fees) arising out of or in connection with the Submission Materials (including without limitation any third party claim or threatened claim whether or not successful based on the Submission Materials) or any breach of warranty contained within these terms and conditions.

20. Some or all of the personal information which you provide to Candella through participating in this project may be held on computer for statistical purposes or used for the administration of applications and awards by Candella Films Limited. Candella may be required to provide copies of the information to the Festivals to enable them to assess the submissions and make the awards. All personal information will be processed by Candella in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.

21. You acknowledge that you have read, understood and complied with these terms and conditions and the information contained in the attached submission form. You further acknowledge that the same constitute the entire understanding between you and the Candella and supersedes all prior understanding correspondence or documentation. Should any provision of these terms and conditions be deemed void or unforceable such part will be deemed to be deleted and all other provisions of these terms and conditions will continue to have full force and effect. Any variations or waivers to these terms and conditions are required to be in writing and signed by both yourself and Candella.

22. This agreement will be governed by English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Submissions must be sent to:

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